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SaddleBook receives, organizes and lets you manage all of your entries, schedules and results anywhere and anytime.

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  • Eliminate downloads with cutting edge cloud based technology
  • Secure program instantly accessible and completely mobile
  • Post event status and scoring from any location
  • Features provide arena status through push notification

Connecting People and Events

SaddleBook expands your customer reach by publishing your event to people already interested in horse competitions.

  • Increase the size of your events
  • Grow your network by connecting to relevant people
  • Publish your event to uniquely focused traffic
  • Allow participants to share your event with others
  • Expand awareness of your event
  • Develop and engage new and existing fans for your event and your participants

Fully Integrated

SaddleBook allows you to promote your event, receive entries and payments, manage your show day schedule and publish scores and results all in one place.

  • Seamless interface from registration through event results
  • Online registration with secure online payment
  • Full complement of pre-event and event day management services
  • Email and text push notification to participants
  • Online status for arenas and competition results as they occur
  • Allows participants instant access to real time event status and scoring

Financial Benefits

SaddleBook has no up front costs or fees and allows you to receive payments for your event long before show day.

  • Direct deposit of participant fees into your bank account
  • Access to real time financial status of entries
  • Split payments in installments or between participants
  • No out of pocket producer fees
  • Economical solution for events of any size, small or large
  • SaddleBook fees processed from participant registration

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Why Choose SaddleBook?

Time is Valuable - Choose SaddleBook

SaddleBook® Event Management Platform

Registration, Arena Management, Scoring and Results

An end-to-end system for your event all in one single location.

  • Mobile registration and check out for participants
  • Eliminates lines and congestion at horse show office
  • Assign and publish ride times, arenas and drag times
  • Publish scores and results as soon as they are in

Designed For All Horse Competitions

Unique features for each competition and discipline.

  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Dressage
  • Barrel Racing
  • Western Rodeo events

Eliminate Paperwork

Maintain all of your event documentation in one location with easy access, eliminating the need for papers and files.

  • Register online
  • Online Payments
  • Direct deposits
  • Online Publications
  • Arenas and Schedules
  • Scores and Results

Focus on What is Important

SaddleBook. An all in one horse event management platform capable of handling competitions of any type or scale with state of the art cloud based technology.

Barrel Racing Pole Bending Rodeo Bull Riding Bronc Riding Team Roping Steer Wrestling Breakaway & Tie Down Roping Ranch Horse Hunt Seat Mounted Shooting Dressage Clinics Hunter & Jumper Barrel Race No Horse Charities & Donations

Focus on What is Important

Easy and Convenient for Riders

SaddleBook allows the competitors to enter, manage and maintain current information about their horses, entries and results in one location.

  • Registration data entered and saved to each participant’s individually accessible dashboard
  • Real time result publishing, viewable on mobile devices.
  • No more waiting in front of the show office
  • Result publishing and tracking allows owners and riders to maintain performance history in one location

Producer Centered

SaddleBook is designed to let the event producer focus on hosting a outstanding event, leaving the stress to the competition.

  • Clear, concise access to up to the minute reporting on registration and entries
  • Email and text features to communicate with your audience
  • Personalize your event page with photos, text, articles and details
  • Scheduling of rides, arenas, draws and drags
  • Access to entries, draws, scheduling and results anywhere, anytime from your mobile device


Using the latest in technology to protect you and your participants.


"SaddleBook saved my show. When the program I was using was not able to function the day before my event, SaddleBook rode in and managed my 400 horse event! Thank you SaddleBook"

Barrel Racing Pole Bending Rodeo Bull Riding Bronc Riding Team Roping Steer Wrestling Breakaway & Tie Down Roping Ranch Horse Hunt Seat Mounted Shooting Dressage Clinics Hunter & Jumper Barrel Race No Horse Charities & Donations


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