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Welcome Event Producers

If you would like to create an Organization on SaddleBook allowing you to produce events with the SaddleBook tools, you've come to the right place!

SaddleBook® is not just a great way for riders and fans to watch live race results! We offer a complete online system giving event producers the power to completely manage their events.

  • Take Online Entries
  • Receive Payment Online
  • Allow competitors to update their entries to add additional horses and classes
  • Manage Stall and RV space reservations and payment
  • Publish competitor schedule, including immediate automated updates during competition
  • Updated Ranking and Standings with every go
  • Live interim and final results available to competitors and fans on any mobile device
  • Complete financial reporting for your event

Your competitors will appreciate the ease of use and up to the minute status available to them on their mobile devices during your event. You will enjoy the freedom to manage your event from beginning to end from your own mobile device or computer.

Tap below to start your journey to a whole new amazing way to run your events!