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Steer Wrestling, Youth
16 Yrs & Under Tue 10:45am to 11:45am
Jack Kahla
6 Jack Kahla
No Time
Traden Anderson
16 Traden Anderson
No Time
carson jones
17 carson jones
No Time
Ty Burgess
19 Ty Burgess
No Time
Clate Harwell
22 Clate Harwell
No Time
Hayden Williams
23 Hayden Williams
No Time
Cole Walker
28 Cole Walker
No Time
Jude Leonards
30 Jude Leonards
No Time
Thayne Kimbrough
33 Thayne Kimbrough
No Time
Denton Good
14 Denton Good
4.300 1st
Garrett Leatherman
15 Garrett Leatherman
5.300 2nd
Cash Robb
4 Cash Robb
5.500 3rd
Coy Johnston
40 Coy Johnston
5.500 3rd
Tucker Ravenscroft
20 Tucker Ravenscroft
6.800 5th
Tyler Bauerle
3 Tyler Bauerle
14.400 6th
35 Matthew Weeks
15.600 7th
Hayden Hughes
29 Hayden Hughes
15.700 8th
Karson Ewing
43 Karson Ewing
17.500 9th
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