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Tie-Down Roping
19 & Under Fri 1:45pm to 4:45pm
Chance Thiessen
1 Chance Thiessen
Cash Enderli
2 Cash Enderli
Kincade Henry
3 Kincade Henry
Trevor Hale
4 Trevor Hale
Riley Webb
5 Riley Webb
Joel Braden Harris
6 Joel Braden Harris
Bryce Derrer
7 Bryce Derrer
Daniel Dunham
8 Daniel Dunham
Cole Clemons
9 Cole Clemons
Jaxon Clegg
10 Jaxon Clegg
Ryon Neathery
12 Ryon Neathery
Wyatt Crandall
13 Wyatt Crandall
Clint Graves
14 Clint Graves
Brayden Roe
15 Brayden Roe
Hayden Ford
16 Hayden Ford
JB Collins IV
17 JB Collins IV
Dean Holyan
19 Dean Holyan
Nick Achille
20 Nick Achille
Parker Carbajal
21 Parker Carbajal
Walker Akins
22 Walker Akins
Roan Hudson
23 Roan Hudson
Daxton Hill
24 Daxton Hill
Chase Webster
25 Chase Webster
Chisum Allen
26 Chisum Allen
Conner Atkinson
27 Conner Atkinson
Colin Fox
28 Colin Fox
Kash Cattoor
29 Kash Cattoor
Casey Crow
30 Casey Crow
Lane Webb
31 Lane Webb
Jase Bustad
32 Jase Bustad
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