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Tie-Down Roping
12 & Under Wed 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Holt Brockenbush
1 Holt Brockenbush
Rendon Powledge
2 Rendon Powledge
3 Tater JORDAN
Jake Holmes
4 Jake Holmes
Ace Reese
5 Ace Reese
Cross Fulford
7 Cross Fulford
Cort Boyd
8 Cort Boyd
Jhett Akins
9 Jhett Akins
Brodey Clemons
10 Brodey Clemons
Bryce Ehlinger
11 Bryce Ehlinger
Ketch Kelton
12 Ketch Kelton
Ty Williams
13 Ty Williams
Luke Coleman
14 Luke Coleman
Zane Lattner
15 Zane Lattner
Chizm Kuykendall
16 Chizm Kuykendall
Caden Clement
17 Caden Clement
Sam Saunders
18 Sam Saunders
Kace Tullos
19 Kace Tullos
Cutter Pareo
20 Cutter Pareo
Dalton Huston
21 Dalton Huston
Will LeMay
22 Will LeMay
Zane Starns
23 Zane Starns
Brit Bradford
24 Brit Bradford
Trey Stembridge
25 Trey Stembridge
Chism Goodrich
26 Chism Goodrich
Rance Winters
27 Rance Winters
Tate Crandall
28 Tate Crandall
Hazen Bennett
29 Hazen Bennett
Rowdy Jax McKee
30 Rowdy Jax McKee
Denton Dunning
31 Denton Dunning
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