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Steer Wrestling Round 2
Open Fri 11:15am to 12:15pm
Riley Hannum
31 Riley Hannum
A. Sebastian Franco
32 A. Sebastian Franco
Logan Kenline
33 Logan Kenline
Carson Jones
34 Carson Jones
JP English
35 JP English
Jack Henry Kahla
36 Jack Henry Kahla
Clate Harwell
37 Clate Harwell
Traden Anderson
38 Traden Anderson
Braden Knapton
39 Braden Knapton
Cole Walker
40 Cole Walker
Rooster Yazzie
41 Rooster Yazzie
Crashawn White
42 Crashawn White
Garret Yeager
43 Garret Yeager
Jake William Kahla
44 Jake William Kahla
Hayden Boren
45 Hayden Boren
Rowdy Norwood
46 Rowdy Norwood
Landon Munoz
47 Landon Munoz
Gage Murray
48 Gage Murray
Clay Clayman
49 Clay Clayman
Kaden Joseph Charles Greenfield
50 Kaden Joseph Charles Greenfield
Casey Crow
51 Casey Crow
Mike Nannini
52 Mike Nannini
Brennan Graham
53 Brennan Graham
Colten Leech
54 Colten Leech
Chase Joyce
55 Chase Joyce
Boyd Hanagriff
56 Boyd Hanagriff
Clay Guthrie
57 Clay Guthrie
Barrett Schlieker
58 Barrett Schlieker
Tyrel Harris
59 Tyrel Harris
Logan Lemmel
60 Logan Lemmel
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