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Steer Wrestling Round 1
Open Wed 11:15am to 12:15pm
Grant Soileau
1 Grant Soileau
Ryan Nettle
2 Ryan Nettle
3 John Mayes
Landris White
4 Landris White
Riley Reiss
5 Riley Reiss
Cash Robb
6 Cash Robb
Gus Franzen
7 Gus Franzen
8 Brad Hesnor
Winsten McGraw
9 Winsten McGraw
Tyler Bauerle
10 Tyler Bauerle
Pacey McBride
11 Pacey McBride
Grant Peterson
13 Grant Peterson
Dustin Thompson
14 Dustin Thompson
Logan Baird
15 Logan Baird
Matt Jodie
16 Matt Jodie
Garrett Curry
17 Garrett Curry
Wynn Schaack
18 Wynn Schaack
Trace Harris
19 Trace Harris
Adam Musil
20 Adam Musil
Garrett Leatherman
21 Garrett Leatherman
Tyler Mann
22 Tyler Mann
Ross McGuire
23 Ross McGuire
Denton Good
24 Denton Good
25 Wyatt Tibbitts
Cayden Harmon
26 Cayden Harmon
Dalton Walker
27 Dalton Walker
Colt Honey
28 Colt Honey
Quade Potter
29 Quade Potter
Tyler Ravenscroft
30 Tyler Ravenscroft
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