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Barrel Racing at it's Best!Don't miss out on the Xtreme Million Qualifier....details can be found here: note, not all events on our calendar are listed here, please visit for complete event schedule.

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Xtreme Million Qualifier (Black Friday Weekend)

Friday & Saturday Xtreme Million Barrel Racing Qualifier! (entry link coming soon!)
$1,250 Entry Fee | Win a check in any of the 5Ds in the Qualifier Either Go and you are QUALIFIED!!!
Bonus Bucks Sidepot | Xtreme Sanctioned
Note: If you enter the qualifier for $1,250 and do not qualify (win a check) you will be able to enter the Finals for an additional $250.
Enter Qualifier here:

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Classic Barrel Racing Year End Award Program

November 1, 2020 thru November 14, 2021

November 26, 27 & 28, 2021 | Triple Crown Equestrian Center, 3033 Gladding Road, Lincoln, CA. OPEN Finals will be a 1 Go Carry Over from an OPEN Class of the Black Friday Weekend Barrel Race and will be a $50 Entry Fee with 85% Payback. Year End Awards will be based on the number of contestants signed up for the Year End Award Program. The finals class will have limited awards as the Year End Program is 100% awards based and the finals class will be 85% payback instead of the standard 70%. All awards must be picked up by contestant or pickup arrangements must be made.

The Year End Award Program is a one time fee of $60 per contestant, unlimited horses. No refunds.

Members must purchase a membership and enter/attend a minimum of 10 OPEN classes and pay a $5 finals fee in order for the run(s) to count. Example, if there is a two day race and you enter the Open each day and pay the $5 finals fee daily then you will have earned a qualifier for each open class entered for a total of 2 qualifiers for the two day race.

Points will be awarded in Divisions (1D, 2D, 3D and 4D) and will be awarded as follows:
1st in a D = 1100 points 2nd in a D = 900 points 3rd in a D = 800 points 4th in a D = 700 points 5th in a D = 600 points
6th in a D = 500 points 7th in a D = 400 points 8th in a D = 300 points 9th in a D = 200 points 10th in a D = 100 points

Contestants will earn 50 points for attendance.

Contestants that pay their $5 finals fee and have paid the Classic Barrel Racing Year End Award Program Fee will be ranked/placed in a 4D format separate from the actual placing/payout. Points are based on horse/rider combination. 100% of the finals fee collected will go toward added money/year end awards the finals.

Points will be accumulated by Division (D’s) during the season. Highest points earner in the 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D. Placings in each D will depend on number of members. If you earn a year end award in more than one division (and you only have one membership) you will receive the higher award/placing in the Division not the higher Division. For example Susie Smith earns 4th place in the 2D and 2nd place in the 3D, she would then get the higher award/placing which would be 2nd place in the 3D.

There are no co-sanctioning opportunities for this season. This program is for races produced by Classic Barre Racing, LLC . Classic Barrel Racing, LLC will remain a WCBRA prime race producer, this program will be in addition to what the WCBRA program is/does.

Rules/Program subject to change at managements discretion.

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