CANCELLED Pioneer Days Double Header Jul 21, 2019

Pre-Entry June 30 - Jul 20, 2019

Due to the latest VS OUTBREAK we are cancelling this race and the August ,3 &4 race we will see everyone in November 16 & 17 we will have a target race for the beautiful tack set. Average awards and an Xtreme Millions Qualifier. Stay tuned for more detail!!!
**Schedule of Events
Sunday office opens @ 9:00 am
Entries close at 10:00 am

Ride times- (9:30-9:40) (9:40-9:50) (9:50-10:00) @ $10.00 each- 10 person limit & barrels will be up.
Exhibitions at (10:00-10:30) @ $5.00 each

Peewees at 10:45 @ $10.00
Open at 11:00, Jackpot, Novice and Poles
We will break for 2 hours, and give everyone a chance to rest their horses and get some lunch and then we will go again. If you haven't entered in the second races and you desire to get in them you need to do so 30 minutes before the start of the race.
We will also have a Target Race there will be a Bling Tack Set put up for the prize, whoever runs closest to their time from the open 1st go in the open 2nd go will win the tack set. (example: If you run a 15.987 and then a 15.986 then you will win the target race as long as nobody else can beat that 1/1000 of a second difference) Must have a minimum of 10 entries entered for this race to take place.
In case of a tie we will flip a coin and the winner of the coin toss will choose either the headstall or the breast collar the remaining item will go to the other.

Must be present to accept any awards other than payout winnings. You may have someone pick up awards, but we need pictures and dress code is in effect to accept all awards.
Novice Horse eligibility $1000 as of January 01, 2019
No Dress code for this race.
Only current drag allowed in the holding pen at the end of the arena.
Pre-Enter by July 20, to prevent a $15 dollar late fee. Entries will close at 10:00 am. Must text 435-459-9092 by 10:00 am July 21 to drawout, otherwise, you are responsible for the entry fees, as well as all other fees. Must have a veterinarian or a doctor release to draw out, then only 75% of your entries will be refunded.
If you have a complaint, or have a grievance with an event that occurred during your run, you must declare yourself at the office within 10 runners after your run. All complaints need to be declared at the office, Not at the gate!
There will be a $5 hat fine payable to the barrel setter to get your hat back. A horse may only be entered twice by a different rider, in any given class. Any animal abuse will not be tolerated, and will result in automatic disqualification.

Open $50
4D Format/0.500 second splits
3D-- 1.000-1.499

PeeWees (7 and under or beginner) $10
1D format - 0.000-- end

Novice Horse - $30
3D format full second splits
(Any horse with Life Time Earnings of $1000 or less as of 01/01/19
1D- 0.000-0.999
2D- 1.000-1.999
3D- 2.000-end

Jackpot $35
4D format 0.700 second splits
3D- 1.400-2.099

Pole Bending $30
3-D format
3D-- 1.000-end
Stalls $18.00 per night
RV $20 per night
Tel : 435 459 9092 (Wendy)