Idaho Equine Barrel Daze Presented by VGBRA April 6 - 9, 2023

Pre-Entry January 1 - Mar 20, 2023

Presented By

Valley Girls Barrel Racing Association

April 6-9 2023

Grant County Fairgrounds 3953 Airway Dr NE, Moses Lake WA 98837
Contact Information:
Sweepstakes, Open 5D and general information Sue Ruzicka 509 520 6302
Stallion Incentive/Futurity/Maturity Tara Lawrence 509 520 9869
Stalls/RVs Carl Culham 541 310 7071 - GO TO to reserve stalls and RV.

Vendors Kim Smith 509 308 5244

STALL INFORMATION - Stalls must be reserved by March 19 2023 thru the website in order to be included in stall assignments BEFORE the event. GO to

EXHIBITIONS: Available to Futurity and Maturity contestants only through March 19th. Remaining available Exhibitions open to all contestants on March 20th.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit Card or Check. Check payment in full will be accepted and MUST BE RECEIVED by March 10th. We reserve the right to remove your entry from Saddlebook if the entry is not paid in full by March 10th.

$25 returned check fee.

Make check out to VGBRA and Mail to Sue Ruzicka PO Box 10 Dixie WA 99329.
Credit Cards payment is the only option after March 1st.

No refunds on Futurity or Maturity classes. Buyouts are allowed through Friday, April 7th at noon.

Late entries for Futurity/Maturity close Friday April 7th at noon.

Med/Vet out slips for the Open Jackpots need to be received at the office by April 5th 2023 for Entry fee refunds minus office fees. Stall and RV's are fully refundable thru April 5th. No Stall/RV or Sweepstakes/D Jackpot refunds after April 5th.

*2D Futurity Entry Fee $500
*2D Maturity Entry Fee $200
*2D SIP Futurity Side pot $300
*2D SIP Maturity Side Pot $150
* 2D Sweepstakes 1/2 second split $75
* Open 5D entry fee $80/day $3000 added each day (Pre entries are open until April 2nd 2023)
* Open 5D $1000 added Average Payout based on Saturday and Sunday Open Runs
* 4D Youth, 4D Senior, 4D Novice $35 entry fee/day $250 added each day ROLL ONLY
* BRN4D Incentive Fund and YBC Side pot $40 entry fee/day Roll only
* BIF Bonus Money | Pays out in the Futurity and the Maturity to the fastest average time ran on a BIF enrolled horse.

If you want to enter the 10 and under, youth or senior class, you need to get into your Saddledash, go to "People," select your profile, and input your birthdate, so that the program knows you meet the age restrictions.

ALL horses that are entering incentive side pots are RESPONSIBLE for their own copies of papers and entry FORMS for the corresponding side pots they are entering. NO COPYING WILL BE DONE IN THE OFFICE. Many of the Incentives have their own online entry process this year.....know before you go! Check the entry process with your incentives.

Schedule of Events
Barrel Daze 2023
January 1
*Barrel Daze books open
Wednesday, March 1st
*Last day to write checks
Friday, March 10th
*Check payment must be RECEIVED by the office
Sunday, March 19th
*Reserve stalls by date,
*Futurity/Maturity pre-entry due date
*Futurity/Maturity pre-entries close.
March 20th
*Exhibitions open for Jackpot contestants to purchase
March 25th
*Futurity/Maturity pre draw posted
Sunday, April 2nd
*Open Pre entry due date
Tuesday, April 4th
*Open Draw Posted
Wednesday, April 5th
*Open 5D Jackpot Med/Vet out slips must be received for jackpot refunds
Thursday, April 6th
*Office Hours 7 am—7 pm
*Arena Open (no barrels) 6 am—7 am
*Exhibitions, all contestants, $5 each 8 am—8 pm
Friday, April 7th
*Office Hours 7 am—7 pm
*Arena Open (no barrels) 6 am —7 am
*Exhibitions—Futurity/Maturity Exhibitions Only 8 am—Noon
*Noon- 4pm Futurity exhibitions run in draw order. Time limit is one minute per horse for arena time.
*Noon Buyouts and late entries close for Futurity/Maturity
*3 pm PRE-DRAW Sweepstakes
*5 pm Sweepstakes Late Draw Closes
*5 pm Sweepstakes race starts
Saturday, April 8th
*Office Hours 7 am—7 pm
*Arena Open (no barrels) 6 am—7 am
*8 am first go of Futurity followed by Maturity, Pee Wee Race and Open 5D. Youth, Senior, Novice ROLLS ONLY.
*2 pm Open entries CLOSE
Sunday, April 9th
*Office Hours 7 am—7 pm
*Arena Open (no barrels) 6 am —7 am
*8 am second go of the Futurity begins followed by Maturity, Pee Wee Race and Open 5D. Youth, Senior, Novice ROLLS ONLY.
*Open Entries Close 2 pm
*Futurity/Maturity Awards projected at draw #25 of the open
(Pictures will be taken so please wear hat, boots, etc.)