Xtreme Blackhawk Reunion June 19 - 23, 2019

Classes for Everyone!!

Join us in making history at the 1st Xtreme Million Qualifier!!

Saturday and Sunday following the Open. You can carry over your Xtreme Million time to the open and all other classes.


5D 0.5 Splits Progressive Added Money, 3 go average (Friday-Sunday) $85/go

Made in the USA Awards including

5 Burns Custom Saddles valued at $4,500 EACH!!

5 Star Pads and Protective Boots!!
Burns Custom Hats!! and much more!!

Over N Under

For anyone 17 and under or 50 and over. 3D with 0.7 splits, progressive added money!!


For anyone 18-49. 3D with 0.7 splits, progressive added money!! 3 goes (Friday-Sunday) $55/go

Youth Championship

For anyone 18 and under standard 4D. 2 goes (Friday-Saturday) $55/go.
Receive points for the Xtreme Year End Youth Championship Burns Saddle valued at $3,500!! Will run after the Open your time can carry over to the open and Over N Under.

Estimated added cash and awards $70,000! Bring your friends to increase the added money and payouts!

Pre-Entry January 5 - Jun 15, 2019