Memorial Weekend Barrel Race May 24 - 27, 2019

Online entries open May 1st and close May 22nd at midnight, draw will be posted on May 23rd. No late fee or dress code for this race.
WCBRA Prime and Co-Approved with WPRA | NSBRA | BRN4D

Saturday, May 25th
1pm-2pm Time Only Runs
2pm PeeWee
3pm Open $1,000 Added 4D $40 Entry Fee (Includes $5 WCBRA Fee)
WPRA Members Only Sidepot $250 Added Money | 90% Payback | $40 Entry Fee

Sunday, May 26th
8-9am Time Only Runs
9am PeeWee
10am Open $1,000 Added 4D $40 Entry Fee (Includes $5 WCBRA Fee)

Monday, May 27th
No Time Only Runs
9am Open $1,000 Added 4D $40 Entry Fee (Includes $5 WCBRA Fee)

Open Average Sidepot
Saturday, Sunday and Monday Average

Daily Sidepots
(All Sidepots are Carry Over from Open)
19-45 Aged Contestants $25 Entry Fee
46+ Aged Contestants $25 Entry Fee
WPRA Permit Only Sidepot $100 Added $35 Entry Fee 90% Payback

$5 Arena fee per day per contestant, not per horse.

Covered stalls $25 per night, Uncovered $20 per night.

RVs $25 per night
Dry camping allowed, no charge
$10 portable pen/overnight tie to trailer fee, one time per rig, not per horse

Association Membership Information
WCBRA memberships available at
NSBRA memberships available at
WPRA memberships available at
BRN4D memberships available at

Pre-Entry May 1 - 27, 2019