Save the BOO-BEEs NBHA Side Pot Oct 14, 2021

Pre-Entry October 13 - 14, 2021

This will be a SIDE Pot class for the Thursday Night Save the BOO-BEES/ Remembering the Storm Race. You MUST be entered in the Jackpot to have your time carry to the jackpot. If you are a youth entering this sidepot who is also entered in the Open, your FIRST time will be carried to the sidepot. Every 50 riders we will add another $100 to the pot. Checks will be mailed out so please be sure to have your saddlebook account UTD.

Open 5D

Keirsten Pettus

Go Firewater Stormy

Keirsten Pettus took 1st place in 1D with a Time of 15.457 in Open 5D winning $65.00.

Jill starkey


Jill starkey took 2nd place in 1D with a Time of 15.619 in Open 5D winning $44.00.

Maggie Honkala


Maggie Honkala took 3rd place in 1D with a Time of 15.780 in Open 5D.

Rachael Fiedler


Rachael Fiedler took 4th place in 1D with a Time of 15.883 in Open 5D.