Friday Night Lights - Ranch Riding Jun 25, 2021

Pre-Entry April 16 - Jun 18, 2021

This event is pretty new to NavaRio so we've got a lot of ya'll asking "What IS this Friday Night Lights" deal?

Well, we're super glad you asked! Friday Night Lights came about as a way to enjoy summer showing without the heat and exhaustion of our usual all-day Saturday events. We wanted something where we could all come together after work, ride around with friends, enjoy music and food and have a little friendly competition. So we created a 4-5 hour event where you can pack up the horses (and kids) after work, grab a drink, and maybe even win a check! Our June show will consist of only ranch riding all night long. For those of you new to ranch riding, it is a pattern class that involves transitions, turns, going over logs, and occasionally side passes and lead changes! We’ll have 4 divisions with jackpot payouts for each!

Keep an eye out for more Friday Night Lights events in July and August!

Divisions include Youth, Novice, Non-Pro, and Open. $30 for youth, $40 for adults. Day of registration office fee of $10.