Open Averages

100 - Open 4D

1D 17.268-17.767 2D 17.768-18.267 3D 18.268-19.267 4D 19.268 to end

1D 17.268-17.767

1st 1D 17.268 Brylee Banning Al
2nd 1D 17.461 Raley Polich Lion Lolita
3rd 1D 17.583 Mackenzie King Kit Cat
4th 1D 17.609 Spencer King Chicken
5th 1D 17.648 McKenna Schroeder Streakn Imprint

2D 17.768-18.267

1st 2D 17.826 Amberley Snyder French Open
2nd 2D 18.024 Christine Dix Shaker
2nd 2D 18.024 Rayna Rice Hayday
4th 2D 18.031 Kathie Bartlett Sonita’s Windy Doc
5th 2D 18.038 Sara Hopf GC Streakin Okey
6th 2D 18.090 Sue Ahlgren Streaker
7th 2D 18.196 Connie Wyatt I Be Golden Glow
8th 2D 18.235 Becky Halverson Shake Till Ya Blaze
9th 2D 18.265 Amber Moore Search for Chrome

3D 18.268-19.267

1st 3D 18.278 Sara Hopf RCA Honor Roys Deal
2nd 3D 18.292 Sue Ahlgren Tres My Tracks
3rd 3D 18.301 Jody Tucker KG Azure Cashin Chex
4th 3D 18.310 Carol Jones Dods A Queen
5th 3D 18.372 Wendy Montalta JM Tainted Guy
6th 3D 18.379 Robin Tierney Regal
7th 3D 18.412 Ann Phillip This Divas Famous
8th 3D 18.417 Bonnie Blain Kat
9th 3D 18.440 Starr Seifried Lucky Seven
10th 3D 18.445 Linda Leonard Kramer
11th 3D 18.452 Brynlee Lindsey Smooth Choice
12th 3D 18.455 Elaine Atkinson SD Get To Smoke
13th 3D 18.534 Montana Martinson Docs Pretty Profit
14th 3D 18.540 Tina Byrd We Nita Runner
15th 3D 18.561 Mary McDole Celina
16th 3D 18.568 Carol Jones Rocket Rose Baker
17th 3D 18.589 Julie Williams Guys Fame
18th 3D 18.604 Luke Dunning Fibs
19th 3D 18.606 Onie Anderson Speed Chip
20th 3D 18.627 Stephanie Griffey Judge King Cash
21st 3D 18.654 Tylee Grantham Rainey
22nd 3D 18.694 Effie Clairmont Johns famous Luv Ltr (letter)
23rd 3D 18.819 Katie Weese Share The Memorie
24th 3D 18.871 Bonnie Blain Jo
25th 3D 18.952 Donna Buer T K
26th 3D 18.990 Crystal Beam Rosey
27th 3D 19.070 Bruce Krabbenhoft PR Scootin Bullfrog
28th 3D 19.110 Charley Beam Maybel

4D 19.268 to end

1st 4D 19.295 Taylor Coleman Streaking With Cash
2nd 4D 19.483 Jane Leatherberry Zuma
3rd 4D 19.688 Stacy Glause Duninfrenchlace
4th 4D 19.741 Cindy Jons Frenzy
5th 4D 19.762 Amber Moore Watchmestreakto Fame
6th 4D 19.865 Jackie Moe All Rise For The Judge
7th 4D 19.899 Sheila Handy Grit
8th 4D 20.201 Tori Grover Really Hollywood
9th 4D 20.311 Matalyn Martinson Pippa
10th 4D 20.415 Sue Ahlgren Fleetest Guy
11th 4D 20.736 Matalyn Martinson Surley A Covergirl
12th 4D 21.123 Shannon Lammi Bet On A Shorty