Open Averages

100 - Open 4D

1D 17.840-18.339 2D 18.340-18.839 3D 18.840-19.839 4D 19.840 to end

1D 17.840-18.339

1st 1D 17.840 Sara Hoff RCA Honor Roys Deal
2nd 1D 17.843 Sierra Bryan Miss Piggy
3rd 1D 17.845 Tina Byrd We Nita Runner
4th 1D 17.851 Luke Dunning RH
4th 1D 17.851 Brylee Banning RC Oakie Smokie
6th 1D 17.869 Paige Nahrgang LeeRoy
7th 1D 17.972 Hayle Gibson Smiling n ta fame
8th 1D 17.979 Carol Jones Dods A Queen
9th 1D 18.015 Sierra Bryan Howdy
10th 1D 18.020 Kathie Bartlett Sonita's Windy Doc
12th 1D 18.144 Brooke Howell Epic Nikki Six
13th 1D 18.199 MARY CALLAHAN Flingin Them Jeans
14th 1D 18.216 Wendy Montalta JM Tainted Guy
15th 1D 18.227 Amber Moore Search for Chrome
16th 1D 18.322 Luke Dunning Fibs

2D 18.340-18.839

1st 2D 18.424 Sue Ahlgren Streaker
2nd 2D 18.487 Stephanie Hines LS Tonysbarstar
3rd 2D 18.491 Jordynn Knight DHR Litas First Rose
4th 2D 18.505 Michael Cuevas I'm a Knockout (Stinger)
5th 2D 18.524 Brooke Howell Dr Shoe
6th 2D 18.549 Raley Polich Lion Lolita
7th 2D 18.576 Heather Dunning Bobcat
8th 2D 18.578 Crystal Dale Dats Dox Bella
9th 2D 18.579 Fred Hunter Sophisticated Rey
10th 2D 18.595 Danna Eoff Chic Fleetin Poco
11th 2D 18.721 Carol Jones Rocket Rose Baker
12th 2D 18.822 Kailla Watters FireWater On A High
13th 2D 18.834 Michael Cuevas Pistol Talena

3D 18.840-19.839

1st 3D 18.919 Amber Moore Oreo
2nd 3D 18.987 Effie Clairmont Johns famous Luv Ltr (letter)
3rd 3D 19.089 Ashley Price THERE COMESNUSPARKLE
4th 3D 19.115 Michael Cuevas Nitros Fashion Frenzy
5th 3D 19.157 Audrey Walterhouse She's Cahsin on Fame
6th 3D 19.173 Jody Wallen Its Mr Vernon To You
7th 3D 19.203 Crystal Beam Streakin Rosey
8th 3D 19.240 Karen Murray Genuine French Guy
9th 3D 19.250 Donna Buer T K
10th 3D 19.334 Bruce Krabbenhoft PR Scootin Bullfrog
11th 3D 19.471 Tara Polich Colonel Del
12th 3D 19.618 Heather Dunning Slick
13th 3D 19.810 Tyler Koats There Went My Money

4D 19.840 to end

1st 4D 19.852 Kris Bartholomew Webster
2nd 4D 20.184 Matalyn Martinson Pippa
3rd 4D 20.201 Jane Leatherberry Zuma
4th 4D 20.452 Jackie Moe All Rise For The Judge
5th 4D 20.609 Charley Beam Maybey Sadies A Lady
6th 4D 24.106 Rian Knight Kings Diamond Pine