X-Factor Elite World Finals Qualifier Race Nov 22, 2020

Pre-Entry November 7 - 20, 2020

WPRA Open 5D Buckle Race starts at 1 PM Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Center

Arena Fee: $15 per horse non-members $10 Members
Races follow the WPRA Divisional Circuit Finals. You can carry your Divisional Circuit Time to the Open Race.

Open 5D EF: $45 - $500 Added - DIVISION WINNERS GET AN INVITE TO OUR WORLD FINALS April 30, MAY 1-2, 2021.
WPRA Permit Only Sidepot $25 - $100 Added
Members this is an Approved Elite World Finals Qualifier Race - All Division Winners in the Open will get an invite to our Elite World Finals
WCRA Alliance Partnership Division 4
Buckles Awarded to the Open 5D Division Winners.