High Plains - Wagner September 5 - 6, 2020

Pre-Entry August 17 - 31, 2020

Welcome to your new online entry & points system for the High Plains region.

Easy Steps to Entry
  1. Please sign up SaddleBook account under Parent/Guardian name which can be updated under account.
  2. Then add jr riders under the SaddleDash - People tab.
  3. Then click on the events to enter, age is of January 1 of current year - click box to the left of event
  4. Then parent/guardian read and click on liability waiver.
  5. Fill in credit card info and click submit.
  6. Check your email for proof of receipt.
  7. Print out receipt or you'll have it on your phone's email as a backup for the rodeo secretary when you check-in a minimum of one hour before riding. At check-in parent/guardian will also sign a liability waiver for the local rodeo committee. If you have more than one High Plains rider, please enter each one individually on separate entries.

BRAND NEW IN WAGNER 9-12 JR ROOKIE Bareback & Saddle Bronc. A rider cannot ride in two different JRA age brackets, parent/guardian must declare for that weekend if riding in 6-9, 10-11, 12-14 or 9-12 Jr Rookie in calculating averages. The rider must not have competed at prior Junior World Finals in Vegas for this Jr Rookie category, except the PeeWee division may have competed in Vegas already. Rider's may ride in the Jr Rookie and another age bracket at the High Plains Circuit Finals, but must declare which age bracket for the Junior World Finals if qualify at the High Plains Circuit Finals in both. Please keep in mind, Jr Rookie & PeeWee Finals information is pending for the JRA. High Plains Series point are calculated only for each age bracket and not combined with Jr Rookie points.

JRA annual membership is required for the High Plains Circuit Finals, however any jr rider can ride for pre-qualifier rodeo awards when parent/guardian enters this rodeo online. Only online entries are accepted for High Plains series events. However, rider must be a Junior Roughstock Association member before the High Plains rodeo of the 2020 season if qualifying for High Plains Series All-Around or High Point awards.

Each day is an individual High Plains rodeo of its own, so the parent/guardian must enter rider twice on a weekend since they are competing for two separate sets of points, if they want to have their rider compete on two different days. Top 2 riders each day, in each age bracket, if a JRA member, qualify for the High Plains Circuit Finals. If a rider is already qualified on a previous day then that spot will be available to the next rider in the placings. Wagner Rodeo Committee will award Trophy Buckles to the 5 Bareback & 5 Saddle Bronc "Average Champions" based on the combined scores for each day, for each age bracket. Please note, Rodeo Producer reserves the right to close entries early on a High Plains age bracket(s) prior to entries closing online, if the overall total number of entries, for the rodeo is full. So please enter early to reserve a spot. First come, first served, on riding in the rodeo performance nightly, all others will move to rodeo committee's designated slack time daily. Please note, if borrowing equipment, those riders may also be moved to slack times.

High Plains Series - High Points & All-Arounds titles and awards in each age bracket will be calculated on the High Plains "Buckin' To Vegas" Jr Tour Pre-Qualifiers, prior to Finals in September.

JRA Membership can be purchased @ www.juniorroughstockworld.com
For more information on the High Plains Circuit Finals held on Sept 19, go to www.lazy3Srodeo.com once the information is released.
We also have a facebook group "High Plains Series & Jr Circuit Finals FAQ" page where we update on a regular basis as needed and announce the High Plains schedule and contestants list within this rodeo and when and if a High Plains "slack" is needed.