Blackhawk Barrel Racing Jul 21, 2020

Pre-Entry July 16 - 21, 2020

Blackhawk Barrel Racing July 21, 2020.
Time-only's 5:00 P.M. 10 & Under run at 6:30 P.M. Open Run at 7:00.
Sign-up on Choose “PAY ON ARRIVAL “ at checkout. Then Venmo @BlackhawkBarrels.
Appreciation Race Side-pot available.
XBA & XBB points and side-pot available.
*Open Barrels $30- 4D .5 splits across the board. PLEASE pre-enter to be in the draw.
Time-only’s $3 or 2 for $5. Text We will take 75 prior to the race and additional after barrels. Please be there in enough time. No refunds
Over & Under (18/40) Barrels $10- 4D .7 splits across the board
*NEW. Futurity (Horses 5 yrs. and younger that have never competed.) $15 carryovers from open.
Open Poles $20 2D .5 second split
Over & Under Poles $10. 2D Full second split
10 & Unders $5. Enter with text to the office.
*PLEASE Pre-enter BBRA, especially multiple horses, on by noon Tuesday. to be in the first draw. Second draw by 6:30 P.M. All late entries (after 6:30 pm) will run at the end.
*Entries must be paid to be in the draw.
*Again, Choose “PAY ON ARRIVAL “ at checkout. Then just Venmo @BlackhawkBarrels. We will clear your account manually to save you an additional processing fee.
Please keep the precautionary measures in place to keep the "gathering" to a minimum, sadly.
In order to resume our sport and continue running we must have the following policies in place. Everyone must adhere to the policies or they with not be aloud to run. No exceptions.

*-Social distancing will be enforced. Please be mindful during warm up. The facility has lots of places to warm up, please distance yourself.

*-Please follow CDC guidelines. Wash your hands, use the sanitizer, don't touch your face.
-Time only's will be texted only to me, not pay at the gate. Venmo @BlackhawkBarrels.
We have 75 time-only’s starting at 5:00 to 6:40 P.M. I know people have a hard time getting there early, but if you can’t get there to be ready at the gate, please sign up for time-only’s after. No refunds if you sign up for time onlys and can’t make it.
-Sign up for the Open, Over/Under, and Futurity on saddlebook. (Those that are not online can text me.) 10 & Under still text me the entry. We will have a pre-draw at noon on June 16th to allow for an idea of times to run. Those running multiple horse please pre-enter or you will be running them together.
-Only the next 20 in the warm up pen. The outside pen will be available and the weather should be good. Warm up with room and be considerate of others.
If you are signed up, Let us know if you want out of the draw BEFORE 6:30 pm. Or you will be charged your entries (no refund).

Venmo entries @BlackhawkBarrels
-This includes time-only’s. Please add notes to the Venmo (or checks if pre-arranged).
- Nobody is allowed in the office.
- If you received a check, make sure I have your Venmo and I will void your check and send it Venmo to help eliminate office traffic. This has worked well so far. If you prefer, make sure I have your address and I will mail them.
-Again, Keep the groups to a minimum and follow CDC guidelines.

Open Barrels

Alexis Gleave


Alexis Gleave took 1st place in 1D with a Time of 15.937 in Open Barrels winning $110.00.

Shawnalee Hinkins

RGR FastLaneTaFame

Shawnalee Hinkins took 2nd place in 1D with a Time of 16.077 in Open Barrels winning $84.00.

Chrissy Van

Riptide Rider

Chrissy Van took 3rd place in 1D with a Time of 16.087 in Open Barrels winning $61.00.

Sarah Smith


Sarah Smith took 4th place in 1D with a Time of 16.102 in Open Barrels.

18/40 Barrels

Addie Mae Quarnberg

Hollywood Bambina

Addie Mae Quarnberg took 1st place in 1D with a Time of 16.102 in 18/40 Barrels winning $29.00.

Annie Jensen


Annie Jensen took 2nd place in 1D with a Time of 16.302 in 18/40 Barrels winning $19.00.

Izzy Yama

GL Mob Boss

Izzy Yama took 3rd place in 1D with a Time of 16.321 in 18/40 Barrels.

Mckylee Brown


Mckylee Brown took 4th place in 1D with a Time of 16.478 in 18/40 Barrels.

18/40 Poles

emma stewart


emma stewart took 1st place in 1D with a Time of 22.847 in 18/40 Poles winning $20.00.

Brenda Thompson

HH Roots Tuff Domino

Brenda Thompson took 2nd place in 1D with a Time of 23.615 in 18/40 Poles.


Chelsea Jepperson

Pistolero Starlight

Chelsea Jepperson took 1st place in 1D with a Time of 16.454 in Futurity winning $22.00.

Korie Ford

Six Easter Lily’s

Korie Ford took 2nd place in 1D with a Time of 16.858 in Futurity winning $15.00.

Shawnalee Hinkins


Shawnalee Hinkins took 1st place in 2D with a Time of 18.856 in Futurity winning $24.00.