NavaRio Open Cyber Show Palooza August 1 - 31, 2020

Pre-Entry July 15 - Aug 21, 2020

This Open Cyber Horse Show will have classes for riders of ALL disciplines and experience levels!

Registration: July 21st- August 21st
Videos Due by: August 28th

Overall High Point
English Division High Point
Western Division High Point
Ranch Division High Point
Class Awards

Lead Line
W/T Youth
Green Horse
Junior Horse
W/T Adult

Halter Mare/Geldings
Western/Ranch Riding
Lunge Line

👉Halter and Conformation Classes: Please submit a continuous video containing 10 seconds from the front, left side, back, and right side of your horse. When videoing the profile be sure to capture your horse standing square and do not crop out the head or feet.

👉All Pattern Classes: All pattern classes should be filmed continuously from the point specified in the pattern. Videos that are too blurry, grainy, or dark to be judged will be rejected and you will have one opportunity to resubmit. Failure to do so will be considered a scratch from the class.

👉Freestyle Reining: Freestyle reining should include 8 maneuvers including spins in either direction, rollbacks, sliding stops, and circles. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes. Competitors are encouraged to be creative when using props and costumes.

👉Lunge Line: Should be filmed in an arena or field if safe to do so. Lunge line videos in round pens will be disqualified.

👉AQHA rules shall apply except in the case where NavaRio rules supersede.
👉Videos must be submitted via SaddleBook or the run will be considered scratched.
👉The decisions of the judges are final and cannot be disputed.
👉Competitors must compete in more than one class to be eligible for the high point award.

Register, submit videos, AND receive feedback all in one place!!

🔗 patterns and rules visit