Senior Averages

600 - Senior Rider Barrel Race (Age over 50)

1D 35.403-36.402 2D 36.403-37.402 3D 37.403-39.402 4D 39.403 to end

1D 35.403-36.402

1st 1D 35.403 Cathey Vallerga Bandito
2nd 1D 35.679 Mary Jo Camera Fairlea Lucky Gun
3rd 1D 36.180 Melanie Baumgartner Bullies High Society
4th 1D 36.325 Susie Gunter Circle Again

2D 36.403-37.402

1st 2D 36.512 Desiree Capella Lonesome Frosty n Blu
2nd 2D 36.854 Suzanne Harmon Custom Made Runner
3rd 2D 36.866 Cindy Spencer Hawkeye Boone
4th 2D 36.997 Cindy Spencer Dusty Crack Shot
5th 2D 37.081 Susie Gunter Slow Circles
6th 2D 37.086 Mary Jo Camera Flingin Winks 37
7th 2D 37.127 Laurie Hill Fresnos Top Dog Mongoose
8th 2D 37.152 Mary Scott One Smart Bullion

3D 37.403-39.402

1st 3D 37.884 Debbi Rossi Clint Cajun Walker
2nd 3D 37.964 Fayra Staas Feel The Sting
3rd 3D 38.086 Jean Gleeson Senor Shadow
4th 3D 38.142 Liz Whitlow cash m bueno chex
5th 3D 38.226 Shirley Cooper Bug Dasher JC
6th 3D 38.609 Gina Oliveira JAK MR LEO FROST 300
7th 3D 38.853 Jean Gleeson Captain Colida

4D 39.403 to end

1st 4D 39.957 Cheryl Machin Price French Royalcash
2nd 4D 40.039 Dianne Ryan This Wagons on Fire
3rd 4D 40.205 Deborah Damonte Tally ho
4th 4D 40.572 Raime Wright Night Hawk’s Legacy
5th 4D 42.960 Henniemar Schak Best Dam Fit (Royce)
6th 4D 118.764 Jackie Fitzgerald Sandshine
7th 4D 119.871 Pam Fettinger Hope
8th 4D 119.894 Karen Edmundson Scat French Badger
9th 4D 135.734 Lauren Pai Smartys Chic
10th 4D 137.443 Sandra Corbin Lola's Biankus Babe
11th 4D 137.997 Diane Carter PeeWee’s Starlight
12th 4D 138.159 Shirley Cooper Terrors On Fire aka Sport
13th 4D 138.427 Jeanette Emery Smoken Renegade
14th 4D 138.466 Gail Ruble Kings Last Gem