X-Factor Virtual Timed Event Summer Series - WCRA Alliance Partner - Week 4 May 3 - 9, 2020

Pre-Entry May 3 - 9, 2020

Entries Open Now – Enter Here or Download Our IOS or Android Mobile Apps and Click on the TAB Virtual Timed Events

Weekly Jackpots! Enter Sunday through Saturday. Results and Payouts Announced by the following Wednesday of each week.

X-Factor Virtual Weekly Timed Events:
OPEN 5D Barrel Race – Entry Fees $45 (1/2 second splits) $200 Added Money (BUCKLES TO THE DIVISION WINNERS OF THE 8 WEEK SUMMER SERIES. You must compete in a min of 6 to qualify for the buckles)

OPEN Breakaway Roping – Entry Fees $45 – (All ropings are 3 head the fastest time wins.) $100 Added Money

OPEN 5D Poles – Entry Fees $30 (1/2 second splits)

80% payouts for all races/ropings/contests unless stated otherwise for special events.

Barrel Pattern: Barrel 1 and 2 are 45′ apart and to 3rd Barrel 60′. The timer is 15′ from the Barrel 1 & 2. Please give plenty of safe room for stopping. Barrels need to be centered on the markers.

You must set this pattern size to compete! – The dimensions of this pattern are small so it should fit in most arenas or pastures! MUST TURN BARRELS (pop-ups are fine as long as they are upright and regulation size) *Ride at your own risk! Please do not ride on unsafe ground conditions!

You must time your run to have a qualified run to “win or place.” Timers must be at the correct timer line dimensions or have a friend stand at the timer line with a stopwatch or a stopwatch app on your phone. They must stop the time when they see the horse’s nose cross the timer or stop the time before! When you video your run show proof of the time on the timer! YOU MUST FILM the horse cross through the timer line at the start of the run and at the end with the timer showing in the frame so we can verify the time. All runs on stopwatches that only time to the hundredth of a second will have a 9 placed as the thousandth of a second (EX 12.32 will become a 12.329) (Anyone caught being dishonest with their runs and times will forfeit all entry fees and will be disqualified for any future virtual events.)

You may enter on more than one horse but please be sure to enter that horse on a separate entry form.

Pole Pattern: 21′ between the poles and timer. Please give plenty of safe room for stopping. Same thing we must see your timer from start to finish with the entire run to qualify.

Breakaway Roping: Time starts when the chute opens and stops when the rope breaks from the horn. No barrier rule. X-Factor judges and timers will time each video. Your calf has to be in the video at all times to qualify. Be sure your camera person is standing in a good position to see your entire run. Our Judges’ times and decisions are final. Send in your best three runs that week.

-Roper must make a full and complete run
-Roper must come from the back of the box.
-Roper must rope the calf cleanly around the neck. (no legs, nose etc.)

NO breakaway hondos.

There is no barrier! Time will start as soon as the gate for the cattle is open. (As soon as our judge/timer sees the gates begin to open/move they will start the timer)

Camera position
-We recommend you film far enough down the arena where we can clearly see the run with an angle that shows us the side of the saddle horn where the roper’s rope will breakaway, so our timers/judges can be as accurate as possible.
-Make sure the filmer/videographer is down the arena far enough so the run is always in front of the camera to help us in timing your runs as accurately as possible.
-The roper, their horse and cow must be in the film at all times.
-The gate of the chute must also be visible at the beginning of each run.

Submitting Your Run
You must submit your run(s) by email to xfactorvirtualjackpots@gmail.com by Saturday at midnight PST. All events you MUST submit a video to “win or place.” ONLY submit one video per horse and rider combo per entry. We can “no time” you for any reason if we feel the pattern set was not the correct dimensions or you didn’t show your stopwatch/phone in your run. This is for all events: videos cannot be edited in any manner or sped up, this will be an automatic disqualification.