Timed Event Challenge Fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis by Just Breathe & Run May 15 - 17, 2020

Pre-Entry May 1 - 11, 2020


Attention Breakaway Ropers: Our entry system requires a horse NAME, if you don't know the horse(s) you are competing on please simply add a horse and name it HORSE, thank you.

Entries open May 1st - 11th
$25 Late Fee | Does not include team roping

WCBRA Prime | WPRA Approved | Co-Sanctions: ACBRA, NSBRA and BRN4D

FRIDAY, May 15th
6-7pm Barrel Exhibitions
7:30pm Family BBQ & JBR Presentation
BBQ tickets must be purchased in advance. Purchase BBQ Tickets Here: https://classicbarrelracing.wufoo.com/forms/z1puvvxf038u49n/

SATURDAY, May 16th
8-9am Barrel Exhibition Runs
9am PeeWee Barrel Race
10am $1,000 Added 4D Barrel Race WPRA Approved followed by $100 Added Youth and Novice
$500 Added 3D Pole Bending
$1,000 Added 3D Ladies Breakaway Roping WPRA Approved
Second Chance Breakaway Sidepot | $40 Entry Fee
6pm Ladies Team Roping (WPRA Approved) Enter at Roping! 3 for $30, enter up to 3 times (pick or draw)
Dress Code for Barrel Race, Pole Bending, Breakaway & Ladies Team Roping
Stick Horse Race (30 min after last roper) 3 Age Groups | 10 & Under | 11-25 | 26+ | $10 EF

SUNDAY, May 1th
ACTRA Team Roping
Sign Up 9am | Rope 10am
8 Handicap Pick or Draw…..3 for $30
5 1/2 Handicap Pick or Draw.…3 for $30
Best Ever Pads to Average Winners!
(teams out for awards)

Timed Event Entry Fees
$65 Barrel Race (includes WCBRA Fee)
$45 Pole Bending
$25 Youth
$80 Breakaway Roping
(all events are 70% payback)

Online entries, Pen/RV reservations and BBQ tickets available on May 1st at SaddleBook.com