Just Breathe & Run Benefit Barrel Race July 24 - 26, 2020

Pre-Entry July 6 - 21, 2020

STALLS AND RV Booking: All stalls and RV spaces are to be booked ONLINE with your entry and we will do assignments (notes are allowed) payment however will not be collected by Classic Barrel Racing, you will pay your fees for your RV space and/or stalls directly to Rolling Hills Equestrian Center upon arrival. Stall $30 | RV Space $35 | Shavings $10 Shavings/Stalls Please note, shavings are not included with your stall rental, they are available upon arrival/stall check in for $10 per bag. No outside shavings are allowed, you must purchase shavings from Rolling Hills Equestrian Center, no straw bedding either, thank you.

Equestrian Center at Rolling Hills located at 2655 Everett Freeman Way Corning, California 96021
Online entries open Monday, July 6th at 6pm—21st at ClassicBarrelRacing.com or SaddleBook.com
Sanctioned by WPRA | ACBRA | NSBRA

Added Money Breakdown | Open $1,000 Sat and $1,000 Sun | Youth $500 Sat and $500 Sun | Novice $100 Sat and $100 Sun | Futurity Sidepot $100 Sat and $100 Sun | Derby Sidepot $100 Sat and $100 Sun | $250 Added Be Brave Sidepot

Friday, July 24th
11am-2:30pm Exhibition Runs
3pm $500 Added Warm Up Race*
7pm Banquet Dinner and Horse With the Most Heart Presentation

Saturday, July 25th
7-8am Exhibition Runs
9am Just Breathe Run Barrel Race
Open, Youth, Novice, PeeWee**
Be Brave Sidepot***
7pm Movie & Popcorn Night

Sunday, July 26th
7am Cowboy Church
8am Just Breathe Run Barrel Race
Open, Youth, Novice, PeeWee**

Awards Presentation
30 min following last rider of event

NOTE: Friday is a warm up race, there are NO awards.
**PeeWee race will be after rider 150 of Saturday and Sunday OPEN race.
* The Be Brave Sidepot is a carry over from Saturday Open, you MUST wear your Purple Be Brave Bracelet while competing in Saturday's OPEN class. $25 Entry Fee | $250 Added