NFR Jackpot Dec 7, 2019

Pre-Entry November 25 - Dec 6, 2019

4D race with NFR sized arena and pattern
Broken Star Arena 15334 NW Neil HWY Redmond OR
T/Os 8:30 - 10:30
Race starts @ 11:00 with free peewee class

Open 4D

Lexie Goss

Dats Blazin

Lexie Goss took 1st place in 1D with a Time of 14.465 in Open 4D winning $420.00.

Tamara Scroggs

Judges streakinsteel

Tamara Scroggs took 1st place in 2D with a Time of 15.044 in Open 4D winning $155.00.

Kaitlyn Radabaugh

Styling in Blue

Kaitlyn Radabaugh took 2nd place in 2D with a Time of 15.081 in Open 4D winning $119.00.

Angie Finley

Jo Jo

Angie Finley took 3rd place in 2D with a Time of 15.119 in Open 4D winning $86.00.