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2021/2022 Xtreme Million Qualifier

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Qualifier for the 2022 Xtreme Million Finals.
As a producer of the 5-D Xtreme Million Qualifiers you will receive the following perks to help you promote your event and increase attendance at your show.
• Free promotional advertising on our website, social media sites, promoting your race, and encouraging our members to attend your event.
• You will receive a free entry to an Xtreme Million Qualifier if you get 60 or more entries in your qualifier. Incentive valued at $1250.

• Or you will receive half off of an Xtreme Million Qualifier entry fee if you get 25 to 59 entries in your qualifier. Incentive valued at $625.
• Contestants will enter and pay on our easy to navigate site, we will send the winners their checks, making it easy for you!
• We will provide awards for you to present to the contestants that qualify for the Xtreme Million. Everyone that wins a check will qualify for the Xtreme Million Finals and will win a qualifying jacket. The awards will be sent to you before the race. Any awards not presented will be returned to us within 5 days after your event. There’s a $150 per item fee that will be charged if you do not return the awards.
• We ask that you promote the Xtreme Million Qualifier on your sites, and social media.
• The qualifier must run at either the beginning or the end of your program, with all the Xtreme Million contestants running together in the same section or they can be a carry over from your open. Your announcer must announce they are entered in the Xtreme Million Qualifier.
• We will provide a direct link for you to post on your sites, for contestants to enter the Xtreme Million Qualifier.
• During the qualifier you will need to enter the correct times of each of the runs of the Xtreme Million Contestants, on a link that we will provide. There will be live results on saddlebook.com during your qualifier, for contestants and fans to follow the event. This must happen immediately following the contestants run.
• If contestants hit a barrel it is considered a no time.
If a contestant does not win a check and qualify for the finals they can pay the $250 difference to enter the finals as a non qualified participant. If a contestant wins 2 checks at the qualifier they can pay $775 to receive a second spot into the finals.
• During the presentation of the Xtreme Million award ceremony, we would like you to take photos and forward them to us for further promotion of your event.
We look forward with great excitement to work with you, and grow the sport we both love. Working together we can, and will, make history.
With respect and appreciation,
The Xtreme Team